The Gentle Dental practice offers emergency/same-day dental appointments to new and existing patients who are suffering from a multitude of oral health problems.Dental Crowns Replaced The Same-Day in Surrey

A dental crown is a cap used to partially or fully cover a tooth leaving you with a new and improved smile. However, complications can still occur.

Emergency repairs are needed when a crown becomes loose, chips, fractures and brings you discomfort.

When a dental crown becomes loose or experiences the above problems it can cause a lot of sensitivity and pain for patients.

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The Gentle Dental is able to offer immediate appointments for patients experiencing crown problems.

Same-day appointments

Losing a crown can leave you with pain when you try to chew, or when your tooth is exposed to particularly hot or cold substances, and if left unresolved for a prolonged period, this may lead to additional dental issues.

Though losing a crown is not considered an immediate dental emergency, we recommend a same-day appointment for a crown replacement to help with your confidence and minimise discomfort and inconvenience.

Our family-run dental specialists pride itself on a 30-year reputation.

Gentle Dental is open 24/7, with experienced dental specialists always available for same-day emergency appointments.

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Dental crowns may fall out due to:

  • Decay: Failing to brush and floss around the crown on a daily basis can allow bacteria to build and cause decay.
  • Diet: Sticky or chewy foods can gradually loosen your crown or latch on to it and pull it loose.
  • Dental cement: Dental cement can sometimes become contaminated as a result of a poor bond, which can cause your crown to loosen.
  • Stress: High-stress levels can often cause dental issues. If you grind your teeth for example, then this can cause a crown to fall out.

When you need to seek urgent help

  • When your crown is becoming loose or starting to “wobble.” When a crown is unsteady it can have detrimental effects on your oral health as it allows bacteria from food to enter its way between the crown and the gum. This often leads to gum infections.
  • You are experiencing an unpleasant smell or taste. If you can feel that an odour is deriving from the crown then it can be a sign that bacteria has found its way in between the restoration and gum. when ignored, this can lead to serious gum infections that can cause tooth loss and further gum recession.
  • When the crown has fallen out. It’s critical that you get seen by a restorative dentist straight away as many problems can form including additional pressure to the gums and infection amongst an array of other dental complications.

What to do if you lose a crown?

When you lose a crown, remove it from your mouth so that you do not accidentally swallow it.

Once you have removed the crown, keep it safe if you can and schedule an appointment at the earliest possible date for an examination and repair.

We can schedule your visit whenever is the most convenient for you and your emergency dental needs.

When a crown is lost, we recommend that you immediately arrange to see a professional dentist, such as Dr Ali Rifai, who will be able to assess your oral condition.

It is not recommended to ignore the problem, however, whilst you are waiting for an appointment we suggest that in the meantime you:

  • Practice good oral hygiene.
  • Use clove oil to dull any pain or sensitivity.
  • Avoid certain foods and drinks that are sweet, hard to chew, acidic or erosive.

Immediate dental crown replacement is essential

We use the latest in-house Cerec 3D system, which uses the latest and most advanced technology to provide high-quality porcelain inlays and crowns.If your crown is intact and not broken, it may be salvageable.

Keep it safe and bring it to the dentist so that they can assess whether it can be reused after cleaning, or if it needs to be replaced.

You may also be able to slip it back over the tooth as a temporary solution.

First, clean the inside of the crown, and coat it with dental cement to hold it in place.

Dental cement is available in most pharmacies and can also be used simply to coat the tooth to protect it from bacteria.

These are not permanent solutions; they are only meant to seal and protect the tooth until you can see a dentist.

We use the latest in-house Cerec 3D system, which uses the latest and most advanced technology to provide high-quality porcelain inlays and crowns.

This helps our patients save time as the computer software does not rely on dental impressions and takes less time to manufacture the crowns.

We can offer same-day emergency appointments, so if you would like your dental crown repaired, book an appointment online here or call us on 020 8224 7562. We are accepting new patients.

We treat the following tooth emergencies, sharp dental pain, chipped/cracked teeth, destroyed and missing teeth, abscessesbroken denturesdental bondingdamaged bridgesroot canals/apicoectomy.

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