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Covering a wide range of dentistry in our practice that includes restorative, cosmetic, orthodontic (including Invisalign), general and preventative dentistry.

Braces & Orthodontic Breakages

Fortunately, real orthodontic disasters are very rare, however, in our experience emergencies can happen.

If you are suffering from a loose bracket, broken wire or band then get in touch with us today.

The Gentle Dental offer same-day emergency appointments for both new and existing patients.

Call 020 8224 7562.

When these dental emergencies occur do not be tempted to handle any urgent orthodontic needs yourself.

As expert orthodontists, we would advise not to try and treat these emergencies yourself or ignore them for long periods of time.

In periods of extreme discomfort, or even if you feel unsure, please get in touch with our practice and we will schedule an emergency appointment for you.

Orthodontic Emergencies

As these types of emergencies can often occur occasionally they can be worrying for patients and parents.

Below we will list the types of orthodontic emergencies in order from the most severe, which will require immediate attention.

Lost retainers and broken bonded retainers

If you have lost your retainers, it’s important to get in touch with an orthodontist urgently.

The dentist, like Dr Ali Rifai, will need to book you in for an appointment to take a new set of impressions of your mouth (moulds of your teeth) in order for you to continue with your course of treatment.

The most alarming case of losing your retainers is that there is a short window before your teeth begin to relapse into its previous position.

In the case of a damaged bonded retainer, you will need to wear your removable retainer every night for 12 hours until your scheduled appointment.

When a bonded retainer has snapped completely and is dangling you should wear your retainer full-time with the exception of brushing your teeth, eating and drinking.

Call us.


Please do not worry if any of your attachments come loose. Depending on where you are in the stage of your treatment, this can vary in severity. In this case, it is always advisable to book in and see the dentist, who will be able to see your mouth’s condition and advise on the best next steps.

Trapped soft tissue

Following trauma or an accident, a piece of the lip or cheek can become embedded onto your fixed appliance. This can often be uncomfortable for the patient and will require them to be seen by the on-duty dentist, who will be able to safely separate the tissue from the brace.

Broken metal components

invisalign-clear-braces-east-molesey-surrey (1)
A discreet alternative to traditional, metal braces Invisalign® aligners are a revolutionary, removable, and almost invisible orthodontic treatment system. Find out more here.

These fixed components often hooked onto the back teeth with metal bands are usually stuck in place with dental cement.

In circumstances where the component has completely detached and separated from a patient’s teeth, we advise that you keep it off, ensure the component is put away safely so you can present it to the orthodontist on your visit.

If the component instead has become loose and shifted positioned, which then has injured the cheek, tongue or palate may stop you from being able to bite your teeth together. In this instance, the dentist may need to remove the entire component for you in a safe manner.

Protruding wire

Sometimes wires can dislodge and can begin to irritate your mouth. In situations where this is extremely annoying and an ulcer is beginning to develop and not relievable, call us immediately and we will advise you on what you need to do next.

What is not classed as an orthodontic emergency?

  • Irritation to lips and cheeks
  • Ligatures coming off
  • Lost wire or elastics
  • Food getting caught in between teeth

Book an emergency appointment

The Gentle Dental is a specialist practise that offers state-of-the-art advanced, digital technology that reduces patient appointment times and ensures they receive the best treatment.

Covering a wide range of dentistry in our practice that includes restorative, cosmetic, orthodontic (including Invisalign), general and preventative dentistry.

Based in East Molesey we receive a wide range of patients from Surrey and London.

Call us to book an emergency appointment today.

We treat the following tooth emergencies, severe tooth painchipped/cracked teeth, deteriorated teeth, abscesses and root canalsdamaged denturesbroken bridgeslost fillings or crowns, apicoectomy, gum or mouth swelling, bleeding gums.

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