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Why is gum disease a problem for implants

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tooth loss is a consequence of gum diseaseDental Implants and Periodontal Disease

It’s very important for patients wishing to qualify for dental implants to know that gum disease must be treated before any implant surgery can take place.

This is because severe gum disease (periodontitis) causes the jawbone to shrink, bone to deplete and gums to recede. All these factors ultimately compromise the stability of a dental implant, thus reducing the chance they will be successful.

However, the first step to check your suitability for this type of missing teeth treatment will always begin with a consultation with an implantologist.

Here at The Gentle Dental Implant Clinic, we are specialists when it comes to tooth replacement treatments and can restore gaps in your mouth quickly and fuss-free.

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The perfect solution

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root, which serves as a strong foundation for fixed permanent crowns, which are uniquely created to match your natural teeth.

And for many of our patients, they have been the life-changing answer to the problems of missing and failing teeth.

Whether you have lost a tooth due to an accident or trauma, it is still vital that during a consultation we check and assess your mouth for the following problems:

  • Gum disease
  • Low jaw bone density
  • A healthy amount of gum
  • Decay

This is an important step as any of the above can affect the stability of your implant. Implants are designed to last a lifetime, but the above oral health issues can cause unhealthy conditions, which might cause the implant to fail.

By adopting and maintaining strong oral hygiene techniques, teeth implants give patients the opportunity to have a healthy, reconstructed mouth regardless of how they lost teeth in the first place.

The Gentle Dental practice offers emergency/same-day dental appointments to new and existing patients who are suffering from a multitude of oral health problems.What if I have gum disease?

 Signs and symptoms include:

See more on gum disease complications here.

Reversing the problem

dental hygienist to get rid of gum disease
Dental Hygienist; Nilly

Any pre-existing conditions like gum disease will need to be addressed prior to implantation.

Periodontitis can cause many complications with your oral health and all the conditions an implant needs in a mouth in order to thrive.

Jawbones can shrink, important bones in the jaw can be lost and gums can recede away from the teeth. All these consequences of gum disease affect the stability of the dental implant.

For patients who might have already suffered from advanced gum disease, you may have already lost a significant amount of bone in your jaw due to a process called resorption.

During a consultation, the implantologists will examine your mouth and take x-rays of your jawbone, which will identify whether or not you will require a bone graft.

Sounding much scarier than it is; a dental bone graft increases the amount of bone in your jaw in order to create a sturdy foundation for the implant to sit. Bone regenerations and grafts are also associated with sinus lift surgeries.

This will not make placing a dental implant impossible, but it does mean that we have to add on some additional procedures to make the mouth the best habitable space possible.

Take a look at some of the complex cases we’ve worked on here.

Can you get gum disease after having implants?

We cannot stress enough that because dental implants are just like regular, natural teeth they will require the same care and maintenance.

Your oral hygiene routine should be no less relaxed just because they are artificial tooth roots. Plaque can also form on implant crowns and if left to build up, can irritate gums.

This condition is referred to as peri-implant mucositis, which has similar symptoms to gingivitis.

Again, if this is not taken care of, the condition can worsen and progress to per-implantitis. This stage can contribute to bone loss, leading the implant to become loose.

Replacing teeth with gum disease

Regardless of the above, your opinion of implants should not change. Of all the ways modern restorative dentistry can replace missing teeth, dental implants are certainly the best.

Believe us when we say it – there are no tooth-replacement options that will provide you with a longer-lasting, natural result.

One of their many advantages, a dental implant promotes bone strength and can help support and preserve the jawbone, which naturally breaks down when tooth loss has occurred.

We can work together to prevent gum disease from advancing and making the mouth a healthy space for implants to be inserted.

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