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Dental implant risks

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Are dental implants safe?

Based in East Molesey, The Gentle Dental’s clients enjoy a 98.2% success rate.

However, whilst complications are extremely rare, they can still occur from time to time.

It’s important to know what these risks are, and how we address them.

When performing surgery, Dr Ali Rifai takes extensive precautions to sterilise any potentially harmful bacteria, and a successful operation will still entail a three to four-day period of swelling.

Sometimes, however, this swelling can last longer, indicating a more serious underlying cause.

This is normally because of conditions that existed prior to the operation and are very rarely a result of the procedure itself.

When consulting with the Gentle Dental about whether implants are right for you, we will always assess the health and history of your gums, so as to avoid any complications ahead of time.

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Early and late implant problems

Implant retained dentures are a cost effective way to replace many missing teeth. Dentures are held securely in place with implants.It is important to tell us about your medical history and lifestyle habits.

Smoking, for example, can drastically impede the healing process, as does drinking alcohol and the taking of certain medications.

Serious conditions, such as cancer, diabetes and gum disease can also have the same effect.

Given that most adults fall under one or more of these categories, it is important not to be discouraged, as none necessarily disqualify someone from having dental implants.

The truth about dental implants

One potential risk after surgery is that the implant experiences micromovements.

This can lead to the implant being unstable and, instead of bonding with the jawbone, instead of connecting the mouth’s soft tissue.

This might lead to a liquid diet being prescribed. Extreme cases may require a second operation, although this is extremely rare, as the movement will usually be noticed during proceeding checkups.

Dental implant procedure

Another common cause of dental implant failure is an improper surgical technique.

At The Gentle Dental, our outstanding team goes to great lengths to ensure that your procedure runs as smoothly as possible.

Our principal, Dr Ali Rifai, brings over a decade of professional experience as well as a Masters of Clinical Dentistry in Implantology.

Every member of our team at The Gentle Dental is at the forefront of modern dentistry, helping ensure that your experience is as seamless as possible. Click here to meet the full team.

In spite of the potential risks, dental implants are overwhelmingly safe and can be easily removed in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

In the world of dentistry, periodontists are highly regarded, as the process requires significant additional training and skill.

Add that to the outstanding care provided by The Gentle Dental, and you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Dental implants offer the ideal solution to replace multiple missing teethDental implants are made from titanium, which is both extremely sturdy and biocompatible with the human body.

Whilst the nature of the procedure can still be a worry for some, the success rate is exceptionally high, with 95% of operations being a success.

At The Gentle Dental, we pride ourselves on an outstanding 98.2% success rate, ensuring that you receive the best possible experience and aftercare.

Types of dental implants:

In almost all cases, following our advice and giving an honest account of your medical history will prevent these problems from occurring.

It is also important to follow our post-operation advice.

This will typically include reducing physical activity and looking after your oral hygiene as much as possible.

Dental implant infection signs

  • Bad taste/bad breath
  • Pus or bleeding of the gums
  • Pain or fever
  • Swollen or red gums

Should something unexpected occur and the dental implant were to fail, it is important to remember that removal is simple, after which a new implant can be added.

For a patient, the removal of an implant will feel very similar to having it added.

An anaesthetic will be administered and the crown will be removed. The abutment will then be unscrewed and the screw taken out of the jawbone.

Provided the surgical site is clean and has enough bone for support, we are then able to add a new implant straight away.

Another option is a bone graft, which will be recommended if there is insufficient jawbone to immediately replace the implant.

In some cases, we may simply advice leaving the gum to heal; a process which takes around two months.

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